2024 Elections: Okaikwei North NPP’s Ken Kuranchie to contest as independent candidate

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2024 elections: Ken Kuranchie to contest as independent candidate in Okaikwei North

Kenneth Agyei Kuranchie has declared his intention to run as an independent candidate in the upcoming parliamentary elections for constituency following his dissatisfaction with the electoral process that led to his loss in the New Patriotic Party () .

Expressing his discontent in an interview with , Kuranchie highlighted his concerns about the parliamentary nomination system and the conduct of the party at various levels. He cited instances where rules and laws were allegedly bent or disregarded, leading to his decision to distance himself from the party.

Despite acknowledging the challenges of contesting as an independent candidate against the two major political parties in Ghana, Kuranchie expressed determination to secure victory in the December elections. He emphasized the need to build his own organizational structure, establish connections, and mobilize support to compete effectively.

Kuranchie concluded by stating his commitment to engaging in the hard work necessary to build his campaign from the ground up, expressing confidence in his ability to overcome the obstacles posed by established political parties in the constituency.

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