It’s an intentional project to miseducate our society into a vain, egoistic, morally bereft culture

It’s an intentional project to miseducate our society into a vain, egoistic, morally bereft culture

Yesterday, I was at the University of at a conversation that my brother @SanguDelle convened on behalf of the Harvard Club.

The conversation was about free speech and academic freedom. For those who are familiar with my . You would know that I consider myself a speech absolutist in some measure.

I am a big proponent of Speech rights in all its facets.

Let's put a pin that for now. I will come back to connect my being at Legon and why I am bringing this back.

Now these past few weeks, across the North America and now Europe have been engulfed in an intense debate about their values and those of their students. Mostly undergraduates.

Undergraduate students have mobilized to occupy the campuses, creating encampments in protest of the silence of the Genocide ongoing in .

These young students are standing together in rejection of the moral ambivalence of the world's politics. Faced with the moral abdication and even complicity of their politics with Israeli mass atrocities, they have shown up and translated their education into actionable activism

Then there is a the Universities in Ghana. There are our students, who have been raised to cower, to have no backbone; to have no moral repertoire; to chase only the self interest and to audition for corrupt political vehicles called Tescon and Tein.

The Ghanaian student is full on a little breadcrumb and the promise that corrupt money will trickle down to them. Their poverty does not mobilize them; neither does issues of global inequality; climate change; environmental degradation or plunder of the public purse.

And so in the same University hosting a discussion on academic freedom and on freedom Of speech; a University that calls itself Ghana's premier university, students are not allowed to protest. And very frequently, the University invites armed police officers to occupy student residences, without so much of a meow from loud-mouth professors who profess to have all solutions to Ghana's problems in their head. And who say as soon as research grants are paid into their personal bank accounts, they might even publish it.

And so we have built below us a generation, that is vain, individualistic, pressed not by injustice nor repulsed by their dispossession.

The true legacy of our universities is to create Footsoldiers beholden to our dysfunctional politics. People who have learnt that there is virtue in keeping quiet, looking the other way; and joining the plunder.

This is why values, principles and moral repulsion at the status quo is plain insanity to these people.

We are doomed for a long time. And it's an intentional project to miseducate our society into a vain, egoistic, morally bereft culture.

Now I'm done. Let's kill the Gays!

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