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2024 Elections: Don’t allow political party affiliation to create unnecessary divisions among us – Pastor tells Ghanaians

March 31, 2024
Seventh Day Adventist

Pastor Edward Nyarko, the General Secretary of the Northern Union Ghana Conference of the SDA Church, has called upon Ghanaians to make well-informed decisions in the upcoming 2024 elections, emphasizing the need for God-fearing leaders to guide the nation towards holistic development.

Speaking at the launch of the 50th anniversary of the Ghana Adventist Choir Union (GACU) of the Seventh Day Adventist Church (SDA) in , Pastor Nyarko stressed the importance of electing leaders who would create a peaceful atmosphere for citizens to serve God peacefully.

He cautioned against allowing political party affiliations to create unnecessary divisions among Ghanaians, urging citizens to prioritize unity and national cohesion. Pastor Nyarko particularly addressed the youth, reminding them of their inherent potential and advising them not to be manipulated by ambitious politicians or parties to incite violence.

Warning against the dangers of political violence, Pastor Nyarko highlighted its potential to disrupt national peace and impede development, urging Ghanaians to safeguard and cherish the peace and social harmony of the nation.

As part of the GACU anniversary launch, Pastor Nyarko emphasized the importance of gospel music in fostering peace and spirituality, stating that it had the power to influence people positively and draw them closer to God. He expressed hope that the composed sacred music would contribute to a peaceful and successful general election in 2024.

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