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Zanlerigu JHS ICT and Library project left to deteriorate

Zanlerigu JHS ICT and Library project left to deteriorate
Zanlerigu JHS ICT and Library project deteriorating

An Information and Communication Technology (ICT) laboratory and a library project at the Zanlerigu Junior High School in the District of the Region has been stalled for lack of funds.

The project, which started in 2009 with GH₵10 contributions from each pupil per term and constructed beyond the window level has been left to deteriorate with some parts fallen.

The project was aimed at improving the teaching and learning of ICT as a subject, by equipping the pupils with practical knowledge to enable them to be well-versed in the technological-driven world and serve as a reference source of books where pupils can learn.

The idea of the project was initiated by the management of the school and aimed at bridging the gap between the theories and practice of ICT and also serving as a platform for pupils to learn on their own.

Mr Cletus Abaa Assibi, the Head Teacher of the school said the practical aspect of ICT was most important and it was prudent that pupils were given practical knowledge on the subject to enable them to appreciate concepts expressed theoretically

Mr Anthony Dittoh, the Chairman of the Parents Association (PTA), said the project stopped due to the inability of parents to continue funding it.

He explained that the project had no external support except some bags of cement donated by NONGZOYA, a Non-Governmental Organisation based in Norway.

According to him, a letter was written to the Nabdam District Assembly for help but yielded no results.

Ms Mary Magdalene Wompakeah, the Nabdam District Education Director of the , said though she was aware the Assembly was embarking on some school projects, it excluded the Zanlerigu ICT and Library project.

She said the project in question was yet to be brought to her attention since she resumed office in 2021, but will follow up with the Assembly.
Mrs Agnes Anamoo, the Nabdam District Chief Executive (DCE), said efforts were being made by the Assembly to complete the project in the near future.

“I will not say the project has been abandoned, but you know, everything has to do with funding and I personally have it in mind to complete the project, so as and when the Assembly gets the funds, it will be completed.

“I actually don't know the discussion that went in at the period it started but when l came in as DCE in 2017, it was an idea we all supported and it is a project we are mindful of completing when the funds are ready” she added

The school is appealing to the Government and other Non-governmental organizations to help in completing the project to facilitate teaching and learning.

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