Refrain from abusing firefighters, Ghanaians cautioned

Refrain from abusing firefighters, Ghanaians cautioned

The (GNFS) has cautioned the public against assaulting firefighters and damaging critical firefighting equipment.

It said the destruction of firefighting equipment and platforms not only places a major financial burden on the state and taxpayers but also compromises the ability to respond effectively to future emergencies.

Mr Julius Kuunuor, the Chief Fire Officer (CFO), who issued the caution, stated that it was unacceptable for individuals who dedicated themselves to the noble cause of public safety to suffer such violence and aggression.

His admonition comes after an attack on firefighters in , , a few months ago while on duty.

Mr Kuunuor made the call at an event to climax the 2024 International Firefighters Day in .

The event was on the theme: “The Contribution of the Fightfighter to Safety, and Sustainable Development”.

“Firefighters spend long hours away from their families, risking injury and even death in the line of duty. They endure the heat, smoke, the chaos of the infernos they battle, all for the sake of their fellow citizens.

“Despite these hardships, our firefighters remain steadfast in their commitment to serving others. They do not seek recognition or praise; they simply strive to make a difference in the lives of those they serve.

“Yet, they find themselves under attack, their courage and dedication met with hostility and aggression,” he said.

Mr Kuunuor stated that targeting firefighters who valiantly respond to emergencies was not only morally wrong but also a blatant violation of the laws of the land.

He strongly condemned those pointless acts of violence, sternly warned those who committed them, and assured the firefighting community that justice would prevail.

The CFO assured the personnel of the Service that management was committed to their safety and well-being and asked them to remain strong in their mission despite the challenges posed by those attacks.

“Management stands ready to collaborate with relevant security agencies to iden5and prosecute perpetrators of such barbaric acts to the fullest extent of the law,” he stated.

Mr Kuunuor called on the public to reflect on the sacrifices made by firefighters and desist from such negative acts.

International Firefighters' Day (IFFD) is observed annually on May 4, It is a time when the world's community recognise and honours the sacrifices that firefighters make to ensure that their communities and environment are as safe as possible.

Reverend DOII I. K. Erzoah Amihere, the General Chaplin of the GNFS, exhorted personnel to rise to the task ahead, play their roles as expected, and recognize that they have a stake in the country's progress.

He also urged Fire Service personnel to be the solution for their generation and ensure their usefulness went beyond the borders of the nation.

“As Fire personnel, you have to maintain pure motive and be sacrificial in your output” Rev Amihere added.

The day was commemorated with the blowing of a siren at noon, as well as coin laying in remembrance of departed Fire officers to symbolise brotherliness, bond, immortality, unity and recognition.

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