Ghana records over 2000 fire cases in the first four months of 2024

Ghana records over 2000 fire cases in the first four months of 2024

The recorded a total of 2,764 fire incidents between January and April 2024.

The figure shows an increase in fire outbreaks as compared to the 2,683 fires reported during the same period in 2023.

During the review period, the Service dealt with 176 road traffic accidents, 747 injuries, and 92 deaths.

The Service also responded to 52 distress calls for rescue during the period, which resulted in 19 injuries and 12 deaths.

The Chief Fire Officer (CFO) Mr Julius A. Kuunuor, disclosed this at an event to climax the 2024 International Firefighters Day in .

The event was on the theme: “The Contribution of the Firefighter to Safety, and Sustainable Development.”

Mr Kuunuor said that out of the total fire incidents reported over that period, 1,985 were extinguished by fire personnel, while 779 were doused by the public upon arrival at the scene.

He said the fires were caused by a variety of factors, including gas leaks, misuse of electricity and electrical devices, reckless handling of naked flames such as lit candles, lighters, matches, and mosquito coils, as well as indiscriminate refuse and bush-burning, and malfunctioning cooking appliances.

The CFO assured that the Service was poised to shift from its current firefighting mindset to one that was more focused on meeting the demands of its preventative goals.

To this cause, Regional, Metropolitan, Municipal and District commands were currently embarking on house-to-house as well as radio and television education programmes on fire safety precaution campaigns nationwide.

He urged Ghanaians to prioritize their safety, remain vigilant, and get training on how to effectively douse fires in their initial stages with portable fire extinguishers and other first aid equipment.

“I implore the public to make safety a lifestyle and commit to observing all basic fire and road safety protocols to prevent undesired fires and road crashes in the country,” the CFO stated.

International Firefighters' Day (IFFD) is marked on May 4th each year. It is a time when the global community acknowledges and appreciates the sacrifices that firefighters make to keep their communities and the environment as safe as possible.

Mr. Kuunuor commended firefighters for their dedication, professionalism, and unwavering commitment to serving their communities with passion.

“Indeed, your tireless efforts will not go unnoticed, and I urge you all to continue your noble work pride and determination,” he said.

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