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UK Zongo communities support flood victims in Keta Municipality

January 4, 2024
Flood victims in Keta Municipality receive support from Zongo communities in the UK

victims in the Adzido and Vodza communities of the Municipality have received support from Alhaji Dr Bella Bello Bitugu and Magajia of Zongo communities in the and Northern .

The relief event, held at the Vodza Roman Catholic Park, assisted approximately 100 victims who received items including rice, cooking oil, toilet rolls, soaps, detergents, clothing, mosquito coils, and student mattresses, among others.

Dr Bitugu, expressing his concern for the affected communities, revealed that the donated items were sourced through the efforts of Magajia from Zongo communities in the UK and Northern Ireland, with additional support from Papa , Abdul Rahman, and other benevolent individuals.

“Magajia saw what has befallen communities in the as a result of the Dam spillage, and she quickly mobilized support to the Zongo communities. We made some donations to communities in Mepe and its environs earlier, and now it is the turn of Keta,” Alhaji Bitugu stated.

The distribution exercise was overseen by Mr. Christopher Mensah, the Assembly member of the area, and unit committee members.

In an interview with the , Alhaji Bitugu expressed sympathy for the affected people and reassured them of continued support, stating, “It is our prayer that your businesses and livelihoods get back to normal. Though this is not a situation we should expect to happen again, I can assure you we are ready to support you in times like this.”

Beneficiaries conveyed their gratitude, with one saying, “It was an unpleasant experience some time ago when we were affected by the flood, but we are thankful to the supporters. May God bless them for their work. Wherever they got the money from to help us, we pray for replenishment.”

The victims, predominantly fisher folks, fishmongers, and traders residing along the Keta Lagoon, were rendered homeless, with many losing their business centres due to the flooding caused by the spillage some months ago.

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