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Sanitation improves in Kasoa –Sanitation Officer

April 10, 2024

The Environmental Health and Sanitation Unit of the Awutu-Senya-East Municipal Assembly has reported significant progress in waste collection and disposal, managing to handle over 70% of household waste generated in the area.

According to data from the sanitation unit, the municipality produces approximately 118.26 tonnes of waste daily, with 70% of this waste being successfully collected through collaboration with private waste management companies.

Mr. Godson Lodo, the Municipal Environmental Officer, highlighted the improvements in waste collection while acknowledging that there is still work to be done, particularly in addressing complaints from residents about unattended waste heaps.

He attributed the success in waste management to the involvement of private waste management companies, noting that their participation has significantly improved sanitation in the municipality. Additionally, the municipality employs sweepers who work daily to maintain cleanliness, particularly in market areas.

Mr. Lodo emphasized the importance of public awareness and education in promoting proper waste management practices, encouraging residents to register with waste management companies to receive waste bins.

However, he noted a major challenge faced by the Assembly, which is the lack of a landfill site within the municipality. Currently, the Assembly relies on a landfill site located in Ojobi, Gomoa East District, which is distant from the municipality. Nevertheless, efforts are underway to acquire a 28-acre land in Ojobi to establish a landfill site closer to the municipality, addressing this challenge in the future.

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