Run away from toxic relationships – Reverend Ayer  

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Run away from toxic relationships - Reverend Ayer  
Reverend Ebenezer Ayer

Reverend Ebenezer Ayer, Head Pastor of the Priesthood Worship Centre (PWC), Assemblies of God, Community Six, has emphasized the importance of fostering relationships that prioritize individuals' well-being, especially among the youth.

In an interview with the (GNA), Rev. Ayer stressed the need for individuals to recognize and address red flags in relationships, which serve as warning signs of unhealthy behaviours. He emphasized that feelings of insecurity or experiences of physical and emotional abuse should never be tolerated in any relationship.

While acknowledging that red flags can vary based on individual experiences, Rev. Ayer highlighted the importance of not ignoring general warning signs that indicate a relationship may not be healthy. He encouraged individuals to set boundaries and prioritize relationships where they are treated with respect and dignity.

Rev. Ayer emphasized that when a relationship becomes unhealthy, it is essential to opt out and distance oneself from it. He emphasized that individuals cannot fix toxic relationships or change their partners' behaviour on their own, underscoring the importance of seeking God's guidance in such situations.

Regarding marriage, Rev. Ayer reiterated its significance but emphasized the importance of both partners focusing on personal development and financial stability to ensure a fruitful marital journey. He encouraged both educated and uneducated women to acquire vocational skills to supplement their income and enhance their economic independence.

In conclusion, Rev. Ayer urged Ghanaians to take relationship red flags seriously and not make excuses for their partner's poor behaviour. He emphasized the importance of prioritizing self-respect, setting boundaries, and fostering relationships built on mutual respect and support.

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