Admiration as Church of Latter Day Saints offer premises to Muslims for Ramadan

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Many have first-hand experience of the proverbial Ghanaian hospitality, but this incident from last week's observations have left many users impressed by the show of religious tolerance in the Ghanaian society.

On April 11, of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in , Ghana extended the use of its facilities to members of the Muslim community to observe .

You can see the images of the event below;

One user Citizen Gafarrov @GafaruB commented; “Great. Let the world know Ghana no get problem with religion. Ghanaians care more about progressive leadership and not who worships what. Let Bawumia know that Ghana will do great & measure each person seeking to lead by his/her output rather than religious beliefs.”

Another user Jmike @THE_JMIKE commented that he is neighbours with this LDS Church; “I share a wall with them… the prayer calls woke me up and I was like, is that coming from Latter-Day Saints Compound. In Ghana irrespective of your teachings our environment will force you to go with the flow…”

Aggreynob @nanayaw12164254 also commented; “The beautiful country we live in. Governance is our only headache.”

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