Don’t let politics be a source of tension in Ghana – Apostle Addei Jnr 

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Don’t let politics be a source of tension in Ghana - Apostle Addei Jnr 

Apostle Paul Kwaku Addei Jnr, the General Overseer of Promise Word Church International, has issued a heartfelt plea to Ghanaians, urging them not to allow political ambitions to sow seeds of discord and tension in the country as the December 7 elections approach.

Speaking during a special service to conclude the 2024 Easter Convention of , held under the theme “Jesus the Conqueror of Death,” Apostle Addei Jnr emphasized the need for politicians and social commentators to refrain from using indecent language and foul expressions in the media and on political platforms.

He expressed concern over the heightened political temperature in the country, calling for an immediate end to intemperate language and personal attacks. He stressed that respect and decorum must prevail, especially during political campaigns, to safeguard the peace, tranquility, and unity of the nation.

Apostle Addei Jnr highlighted the importance of politicians embracing civility and constructive discourse, stating that only through the cessation of abusive language and provocations can Ghana experience incident-free and successful elections in 2024.

Furthermore, he called upon Christians to emulate the virtues of Jesus Christ, emphasizing the significance of longsuffering, steadfastness, and hope in Him. He urged believers to contribute positively to the country's development by upholding these values and avoiding practices that hinder progress.

During the service, prayers were offered for the President, Ministers of State, Parliamentarians, and policymakers, seeking divine protection, guidance, and peace for the nation as it prepares for the upcoming elections in December.

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