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Maritime sector officials undergo training on national oil contingency plan

March 13, 2024
Maritime sector officials undergo training on national oil contingency plan

Officials from Ghana's maritime sector recently underwent a four-day training on the national oil contingency plan to equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to handle oil spillage incidents effectively.

Organized by the (EPA) in collaboration with the (GPHA), the training aimed to prepare participants for emergency situations and provide them with practical experience in oil spill response.

One significant aspect of the training involved a visit to the Port, where participants observed and learned about the appropriate use of oil spill apparatus firsthand. The exercise was facilitated by experts from NovuMAre, a Norwegian maritime and environmental firm.

Mr. Kojo Agbenor-Efunam, the Director in charge of Petroleum at the EPA, emphasized the importance of practical training at operational areas like ports for effective contingency planning. He highlighted the critical role of time in mobilization during oil spills, emphasizing that participants need to understand the time-sensitive nature of response efforts.

According to Mr. Sveinung Nymark, an Emergency Preparedness Advisor at NovuMare, continuous training at the operational level is crucial to maintaining readiness and ensuring effective response capabilities. He stressed the importance of regular practice and exercises to reinforce knowledge and skills, preventing them from being forgotten over time.

Captain Daniel Quartey, the On-Scene Commander and Deputy Harbour Master, Logistics at GPHA, reaffirmed the commitment of the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority to ongoing training initiatives. He emphasized the importance of staying prepared through continuous learning and readiness for unforeseen circumstances.

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