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Kwahu Bepong: 2 dead, several injured, 30 arrested in clashes over suspected rapist and murderer

February 5, 2024
Kwahu Bepong

In a tragic turn of events, two individuals are feared dead, and several others have been injured following clashes between angry youth and the police in Bepong, . The incident unfolded as the youth demanded the release of Kwesi Tenkorang, suspected of raping and killing a young lady and her sister in the town.

After committing the alleged crimes, the suspect fled the scene, prompting residents to organize a search. The suspect was eventually apprehended at his hideout, and instead of opting for mob justice, some residents suggested taking him to the chief's palace.

The chief of Kwahu Bepong housed the suspect in his palace, awaiting the arrival of the police. However, when the police arrived, a group of angry youth stormed the palace, demanding the release of the suspect. The chief resisted, leading to the vandalism of property worth millions of Ghana cedis.

Upon police intervention, the youth reportedly attacked the officers, prompting the police to fire warning shots. Tragically, two individuals were hit by the bullets and died on the spot, while several others sustained injuries.

Adom News' Akwasi Dwamena reported on the unfolding events, stating, “They vandalized police vehicles and set three police motorbikes ablaze.” The suspect was eventually taken away by the police, further infuriating the already agitated youth.

The situation in Kwahu Bepong remains tense, with a majority of the youth fleeing the area due to fears of reprisal attacks. In response, the police have arrested over 30 suspects in connection with the violent clashes. The incident underscores the challenges faced by law enforcement in managing volatile situations while ensuring public safety.

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