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GTA launches 50th-anniversary celebration on sustainable and inclusive tourism development

April 5, 2023

The (GTA) has launched its 50th-anniversary celebration with the theme, “Sustainable and inclusive tourism development: 50 years and beyond,” calling on stakeholders to join forces to foster growth and opportunities in the industry.

According to Mr Akwasi Agyeman, Chief Executive Officer of the GTA, the growth of the sector is attributed to strategic partnerships with stakeholders, particularly the private sector, to promote Ghana's unique cultural heritage, natural landscapes, and warm hospitality.

He emphasized the importance of leveraging collective strengths and expertise to drive the industry's growth and create new opportunities.

In the past year, Ghana has recorded significant growth in the tourism industry, with a 47% increase in international arrivals and a 55% increase in domestic tourism. Mr Agyeman stated that the increase in newly licensed facilities, strong brand awareness, and strategic product improvements contributed to the industry's success.

The CEO mentioned that the private sector is a critical partner in the industry's development, and the sector has recorded a 6% increase in licensed tourism facilities. He added that ongoing improvements in infrastructure would enhance visitors' experience and make it easier to access the country's attractions.

Additionally, the GTA has initiated several projects, such as the Yaa Asantewaa Mausoleum, the Pikworo Slave Camp, and the Aburi Botanical Garden, to improve the tourism industry's regulatory environment.

Mr Agyeman emphasized the GTA's commitment to promoting Ghana as a top tourist destination and to improving the industry's regulatory environment.

The Minister of Tourism Arts and Culture, Dr Ibrahim Mohammed Awal, applauded the GTA for its success in the past 50 years and urged staff to acquire critical skills to solve problems and raise revenue for the sector.

The GTA's 50th-anniversary celebration features several programs, including the Paragliding, May Day celebration, Float, presidential summit, blood donation exercise, and health screening.

Other programs include industry games and fun day, tourism month in , and Taste of Ghana.

The GTA also launched its 2022 annual report at the event.

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