HD+ empowers over 10,000 youth with installation skills

SES HD PLUS, the leading satellite broadcast service provider and marketer of HD+ TV service, has successfully concluded its HD+ Installer Training Programme for the first half of 2023.

Since its establishment in Ghana in 2020, the company has prioritized training and creating employment opportunities for over 10,000 youth.

The installer programme aims to ensure that HD+ users receive professional installation services for their HD+ devices and accompanying satellite equipment from accredited technicians.

At the closing ceremony of the recent training programme, which saw 2,000 youth graduating, Adelaide Abbiw-Williams, CEO of SES HD PLUS, commended the participants for their achievements and encouraged them to make a positive impact.

Abbiw-Williams stated, “Since the launch of SES HD PLUS in Ghana, our objective has been to provide our subscribers with the FeeliFeeli experience of high-quality HD TV viewing, while also driving socio-economic growth.”

She emphasized the company's commitment to transferring knowledge about the latest trends and innovations in satellite TV broadcasting to develop the skills and expertise of local partners, satellite technicians, and dealers, thereby empowering local businesses and communities economically.

Abbiw-Williams further revealed that since March of this year, they have trained over 2,000 installers in 22 towns across the country, bringing the total number of trained installers to approximately 10,000.

Expressing gratitude for the opportunity, Andrews Allottey, a beneficiary of the training programme, acknowledged the challenges in today's job market and highlighted the competitive advantage that learning a trade provides.

He expressed appreciation to HD+ for the critical role they play in Ghana's and assured HD+ subscribers that their devices would be handled by capable hands.

Allottey concluded, “HD+ has given us the FeeliFeeli experience, and we will surely pass that on to them.”

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