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Ghana’s relay team eyes Olympic qualification amidst competitive outdoor season

April 5, 2024
Ghana's relay team eyes Olympic qualification amidst competitive outdoor season

The 4×100 relay time of 38.43s at the just-ended 2023 has positioned Team Ghana on the cusp of Olympic qualification. Despite this achievement, there are several factors to consider and challenges to overcome before securing a spot at the upcoming in Paris.

Ghana's impressive time places them in the 15th spot in the world relay ranking, reflecting a commendable performance. However, the dynamic nature of the Athletics outdoor season means that rankings are subject to change as other countries compete and potentially improve their times.

Ghana, along with and other African nations, showcased their prowess in competitive relay racing at the African Games. Yet, as the season progresses, new contenders may emerge, potentially altering the global ranking landscape.

The upcoming Penn Relays present an opportunity for Ghana to further enhance their performance and maintain a competitive edge. Scheduled to commence on April 25, the event offers a platform for teams to refine their times and secure favourable positions in the rankings.

While Ghana aims to stay within the 38-second range, the competition is expected to intensify, with numerous countries vying for top rankings. Leveraging the experience gained from the African Games, athletes such as Joseph Paul Amoah, Benjamin Azamati, Edwin Gadayi, and Solomon Hammond are poised to capitalize on their skills.

Looking ahead, the World Relay Championships in the Bahamas on May 4 will serve as the primary qualifier for the Olympic Games. Securing a spot in the final at this event is crucial for Ghana's Olympic aspirations. However, if qualification is not achieved, the team will rely on world rankings and performance throughout the outdoor season to secure a berth in Paris.

While Ghana's current standing in the world ranking is promising, it is not yet cause for celebration. The road to Olympic qualification is fraught with challenges, and concerted efforts are needed to ensure success. With determination and perseverance, Team Ghana remains focused on earning their ticket to Paris.

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