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Zimbabwe’s Lady Chevrons clinch gold at 13th Africa Games

March 19, 2024
Zimbabwe's Lady Chevrons clinch gold at 13th Africa Games

's Women's National Cricket team, known as the Lady Chevrons, secured the championship title at the 13th in a thrilling display of cricket prowess held in , Ghana

The Lady Chevrons emerged victorious in the women's division in a fiercely contested final match against their South African counterparts, the Proteas. The intensity of the match was palpable as both teams fought tooth and nail for the coveted title.

With both teams tied at 112 runs each after the regulation 20 overs, the match was forced into a dramatic ‘super over' to determine the winner. The Lady Chevrons, exhibiting nerves of steel, managed to restrict the Proteas to a mere 2 runs in their super-over innings.

Faced with the task of scoring three runs to clinch victory in six balls, Zimbabwe's batters rose to the occasion, securing the necessary runs with composure and precision. The momentous victory sent waves of jubilation through the Zimbabwean camp, marking a historic achievement for the Lady Chevrons on the continental stage.

The dramatic showdown not only showcased the talent and resilience of Zimbabwe's women cricketers but also underscored the growing competitiveness of women's cricket in Africa.

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