Ghana Immigration Office Commander calls for calm and cooperation in Aflao following attacks on officers

Assistant Commissioner of Immigration (ACI) Frederick Duodu, the Sector Commander, has appealed for calm and cooperation from residents of the border town following recent attacks on a team of immigration officers stationed there.

The officers, stationed at the Beat 6 Border, were assaulted by unidentified attackers, resulting in severe injuries to the officers and a bystander sustaining gunshot wounds.

ACI Duodu emphasized that the primary responsibility of the (GIS) and other security agencies operating in Aflao was to ensure the territorial integrity of the country's eastern corridor.

He addressed concerns raised by some members of the public, stating, “The Service is also to ensure the security of the frontier and not to deprive residents of the town of their livelihoods.”

ACI Duodu recognized that attacks on security officers constituted serious crimes, but he highlighted that such incidents could have been prevented if the border residents had a clear understanding of the security services' mandate.

To foster peaceful coexistence between the residents and the security agencies, the Command intends to organize educational programs to enhance the resident's understanding of the GIS mandate.

ACI Duodu assured that the Command was committed to implementing necessary measures to prevent future attacks and maintain the integrity of border security.

In the meantime, the Municipal Assembly has convened an emergency municipal security council meeting to investigate the circumstances surrounding the attack on the immigration officers on Tuesday.

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