Bank of Ghana Governor denies calling NDC MPs “hooligans”

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Bank of Ghana Governor denies calling NDC MPs hooligans

Dr. , the Governor of the , has refuted claims made by an international media outlet that he referred to the National Democratic Congress () Parliamentary as “hooligans” during their #OccupyBoG protest march.

The Minority organized the #OccupyBoG protest march in on October 5, 2023, to support their demand for the immediate resignation of the Governor and his two deputies, citing mismanagement of the Central Bank.

However, during a session at the (PAC) of , Dr. Addison clarified that the term “hooliganism” was not an accurate representation of his words. He emphasized that it was an interpretation by the international media and not his own description of the Parliamentarians.

Dr. Addison further asserted that those familiar with his character would know that he would not use such language to describe Members of . He disowned the characterization attributed to him by the foreign journalist, stating that it did not align with his actual statements.

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