Alan Kyerematen, CPP’s Abu Sakara form “Alliance for Revolutionary Change (ARC) to wrestle power in 2024 general elections

Alan Kyerematen, CPP's Abu Sakara form "Alliance for Revolutionary Change (ARC) to wrestle power in 2024 general elections

Spearheaded by Hon. Alan John Kwadwo Kyerematen and Dr. Michael Foster respectively, these movements have joined forces to establish the ‘Alliance for Revolutionary Change' (ARC), with a bold mission to contest the upcoming 2024 General Elections.

The ARC aims to mobilize Ghanaians nationwide, with a particular emphasis on engaging the youth and women, transcending traditional religious, political, and ethnic boundaries. Its primary objective is to elect the first independent candidate as President of the Republic of Ghana, signaling a departure from the entrenched dominance of the National Democratic Congress () and the New Patriotic Party ().

Central to the ARC's vision is the ambition to break the cycle of poverty and usher Ghana onto a new trajectory of prosperity. After enduring over three decades of governance under the NDC and NPP, the ARC contends that these two parties have failed to adequately address the nation's core development challenges. The divisive nature of Ghanaian , coupled with a winner-takes-all mentality, has exacerbated the plight of ordinary citizens.

In pursuit of its objectives, the ARC pledges to form a government of national unity, inclusive of diverse stakeholders such as political parties, business leaders, farmers, labor unions, and . This collaborative approach seeks to transcend partisan interests and foster consensus-building towards a comprehensive National Development Plan. Key areas of focus include governance reforms, public sector accountability, sustainable management of natural resources, and fostering a positive mindset shift among Ghanaians.

The official launch of the Alliance for Revolutionary Change is scheduled for Wednesday, 17th April 2024, marking a pivotal moment in Ghana's political history.

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