AFWI develops sexual harassment policy

The AFWI, with support from the World University Services of and funded by the Global Affairs Canada, is implementing the “Enhancing Young Women's Interest and Access in the Non-Traditional Sector of through Policy Advocacy in the Sekondi/ Metropolis.”

The project is running in the Takoradi Technical Institute (TTI) and the Saint Anne's Vocational Institute.

Mrs Victoria Dennis, the Executive Director of AFWI, said the Policy would strongly oppose and abuse in any form to advance a healthier learning environment free from discrimination, intimidation, exploitation and abuse.

She said the policy would define sexual harassment and related terminologies, take steps to prevent sexual abuse, respond promptly and effectively to reports of sexual harassment in schools and administer appropriate disciplinary measures.

The policy would be available to students, and non-teaching staff in various forms.

Mrs Dennis said the project also promoted field trips, coaching and mentorship and experience sharing sessions with women entrepreneurs in the high growth Non-Traditional sectors.

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