2023 Call to the Bar Breaks Records: Over 900 Ghana School of Law students pass exams

Over 900 Ghana School of Law students pass exams
Ghana School of Law

In a remarkable achievement, the leadership of the 2023 batch of students at the has expressed immense satisfaction with this year's impressive pass rate for the call to the bar examination. Over 900 individuals have successfully passed the examination, marking a significant milestone for legal education in the country.

The Independent Examination Committee of the General Legal Council has confirmed the successful passage of 900 candidates, including 499 students who were initially denied admission to the Ghana School of Law two years ago but later gained admission following a series of protests and appeals.

Odupong Agyapong Atta-Agyapong, the immediate past SRC president of the Ghana School of Law, expressed his enthusiasm about this year's historic achievement, noting that it would result in the largest number of individuals being called to the bar in the country's history.

“It's exciting how students are reacting on their WhatsApp pages and statuses,” Atta-Agyapong stated. “For the first time, we are going to have over 900 students called to the Ghana bar. It's quite historic given the turn of events in the past.”

He encouraged those students who did not make it onto the list to remain resilient and work diligently towards the mini-call scheduled for March next year, emphasizing that this setback was not the end of their legal journey.

“It's not the end of the road,” Atta-Agyapong reassured. “We have a mini-call, and it's expected that next year these students will be offered the opportunity to sit for the supplementary exams, and when they are successful, they will be called.”

This accomplishment reflects a positive development in legal education and opens up opportunities for aspiring lawyers in Ghana to contribute to the legal profession and the nation as a whole.

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