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Amid the recent spotlight on Ms , the spokesperson for Ghana's emerging political movement, ‘,' her detention by the National Investigations Bureau has sparked curiosity about the woman behind the headlines.

While many may recognize her from a video outlining the movement's plans, there's more to Shalimar Abbiusi than meets the eye.

TV Presenter

Before her foray into the political scene, Shalimar was a familiar face on Ghanaian television. As a former TV presenter at GHOne, she hosted ‘Cheers,' a captivating sports and showbiz-infused show.

Her resignation in July 2023 hasn't severed her ties with prominent figures like Nana Aba Anamoah, , and Bola Ray, showcasing her enduring connections in the entertainment industry.

Still, at , Ms Shalimar joined the panellists of The Ladies Circle show

Beauty Queen

Beyond the political realm, Shalimar is a former international beauty queen.

Her reign spanned from 2011 to 2017, earning accolades such as Miss Exclusive 2013, Miss Top of the World in , and Miss Tourism .

Shalimar Abbiusi - The New Force
Shalimar Abbiusi

17-year-old Shalimar Abbiusi was elected Fruit Miss 2011 and as Ambassador of the City of Sint-Truiden. She beat 10 participants to grab the title.

Her presence reflects her continued involvement in the world of and beauty.

Reality TV Star

Shalimar graced the screens in the reality TV show “Temptation Island Belgium/Netherlands 2021.”

Her participation didn't go unnoticed, earning her the title of “International TV Star of the Year” in 2022.

This dimension of her public persona adds a layer of intrigue to her varied experiences.

Influencer & Entrepreneur

The social media sphere is no stranger to Shalimar's influence. Having collaborated with notable brands like Conrad, Radisson Blu, SHEIN, and FashionNova, she's established herself as a prominent figure in the world of digital marketing.

In 2021, she launched “The Online Empire,” a company aimed at assisting brands in expanding their online presence.

Investment Facilitator

Under the umbrella of ‘The Online Empire,' Shalimar has ventured into the realms of investment facilitation, particularly in and the UAE.

Her focus on real estate and connections within the minerals and oil industry showcases a dynamic professional profile.

Notably, she holds mandates for gold mines in West Africa, showcasing her influence in the resource sector.

Shalimar Abbiusi's journey is far from conventional, intertwining entertainment, beauty, business, and now .

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