Ejisu By-Election: Kwadaso MP Kingsley Nyarko denies bribing EC officials

Kwadaso MP Kingsley Nyarko denies bribing EC officials

The Member of of the Kwadaso Constituency in the , Professor Kingsley Nyarko, has refuted claims that he attempted to bribe electoral officers during the constituency by-election held on Tuesday, April 30.

The incident, captured on camera and widely discussed since its emergence, prompted the (EC) to withdraw the officers involved and refer the matter to the police for investigation.

In the video footage, Prof Nyarko is seen conversing with electoral officers. At one point, he approached a table manned by some officers and offered them a white envelope, which they appeared hesitant to accept. Prof. Nyarko then placed the envelope on the table and departed. The EC later issued a statement explaining that the purported bribe was for lunch.

Speaking in an interview with pressmen, he was non-committal about the contents of the envelope but vehemently denied that the offering was a bribe, citing that he wouldn't dare to engage in such conduct openly.

“If I were to influence them, do you think I will do it in that public space? What I want to put on record is that I did not bribe anybody, I have not influenced anybody to vote or to do anything untoward for my candidate,” he said.

Prof Nyarko emphasized that if he intended to influence the officials, he would not have done so in a public setting. He expressed confidence in the integrity of the Electoral Commission officials, stating that they are trained, honest, and disciplined individuals who wouldn't engage in unethical behaviour.

Despite the circulation of the video and potential interpretations, Prof Nyarko maintained his innocence, citing his track record of discipline and integrity as a teacher of high repute. He expressed readiness to cooperate with investigations if required.

Responding to queries about his relationship with the EC officials, he argued that one does not need a prior relationship to offer a favour, emphasizing that he had not negatively influenced anyone.

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