Ghana Journalists Association urges New Force Movement to prioritize journalists’ welfare

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Ghana Journalists Association urges New Force Movement to prioritize journalists' welfare
Ghana Journalists Association and New Force Movement

The (GJA) has called upon the leadership of Movement, a political entity gearing up for the 2024 presidential elections, to include policies supporting journalists' welfare in its manifesto.

During a courtesy call on the GJA leadership in , Mr Albert Kwabena Dwumfour, President of the GJA, highlighted the importance of addressing key issues such as working conditions, remuneration, and safety of journalists in the Movement's agenda.

Expressing concern over the low remuneration of journalists, Mr Dwumfour emphasized the need for a national dialogue to explore measures for improving journalists' working conditions, stressing that fair compensation is essential to uphold professionalism in the media industry.

He welcomed Movement's plans to industrialize the country and create jobs but urged them to maintain a positive relationship with the media and support efforts for peaceful elections.

In response, , leader of the New Force Movement, outlined his vision for industrializing all regions of Ghana to generate sustainable employment opportunities for the youth. He pledged to introduce Industrial Regional Evolution to decentralize industrialization and establish industrial hubs across the country.

Additionally, Nana Bediako emphasized the importance of investing in railway development to facilitate the movement of goods and services, aiming to curb exploitation and ensure that Ghana's resources benefit its citizens.

Regarding media policies, Nana Bediako revealed his establishment of the Ghana Media Fund to support journalists' welfare and expressed his vision to expand Ghana's media influence beyond the continent to promote the African agenda.

He emphasized the significance of intra-African news sharing, advocating for increased collaboration to achieve collective success for the continent.

The dialogue between the GJA and the New Force Movement underscores the imperative of prioritizing journalists' welfare and fostering a conducive environment for media professionals, as Ghana gears up for the upcoming presidential elections in 2024.

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