TRAGIC: Drowning incident claims lives of four farmers in Galinkpegu

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TRAGIC: Drowning incident claims lives of four farmers in Galinkpegu: Ghana News

In a heartbreaking incident, four farmers from Galinkpegu, located in the Tolon district of the Golinga electoral area, lost their lives due to drowning at the Golinga dam.

The unfortunate event occurred while they were returning from their farm activities. The farmers had been on a canoe with a total of seven individuals when the tragic incident unfolded.

Among the group of seven, three were fortunate enough to survive the ordeal, but the remaining four individuals met a tragic fate.

As of now, search and rescue efforts have successfully recovered the bodies of three victims, while the recovery of the fourth body is still pending.

Natogmah Zakaria, the assemblyman for the area, confirmed the devastating incident to , sharing, “The seven people went to the farm on a canoe, and on their return, the canoe capsized, and the four got drowned.

Three bodies have been retrieved, the remaining one. Three survived.”

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