Tema Metropolitan Health Directorate establishes Risk Communication Committee

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Tema Metropolitan Health Directorate establishes Risk Communication Committee

The Metropolitan Health Directorate has taken proactive steps to enhance communication and preparedness for health-related issues within the metropolis by forming a Risk Communication Committee.

Under the auspices of the Health Promotion Unit of the Directorate, the committee comprises representatives from various sectors to ensure comprehensive coverage across the metropolis. Stakeholders include assembly members, media, veterinary services, departments, traditional leaders, faith-based organizations, non-governmental organizations, environmental health, and School Health Education Programme (SHEP) coordinators, among others.

Dr. Sally Quartey, the Metropolitan Director of Health Services, stressed the importance of proactive planning and preparedness to effectively address health challenges within the community. She emphasized that the committee's formation would facilitate discussions on both public health and clinical care issues, ultimately promoting a healthier lifestyle among individuals and impacting the wider public positively.

Ms. Nasiratu Imoro, a Health Promotion Officer at the Greater Regional Health Directorate, highlighted the lessons learned from the pandemic, emphasizing the need for preparedness for various diseases. She underscored the importance of considering human interactions with the environment and animals, which could expose individuals to a range of diseases, including cholera, typhoid, anthrax, and .

Ms. Imoro outlined key areas of focus for the committee, including epidemic diseases, diseases targeted for eradication, major diseases of public health importance, and unusual events or conditions requiring public health attention. She emphasized the importance of having a comprehensive Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan, along with technical and operational teams to manage emergencies effectively.

The committee members pledged their commitment to ensuring the health and well-being of the metropolis, emphasizing their dedication to proactive communication and preparedness measures to address health challenges promptly and effectively.

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