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Supreme Court dismisses Child Rights International’s suit on street children rights

February 29, 2024
Supreme Court dismisses Child Rights International's suit on street children rights

Child Rights International's (CRI) legal action aimed at enforcing the rights of street children has been dismissed by the . The organization had filed the suit seeking government intervention to ensure the rights of street children, including their removal from the streets and provision of better education in accordance with the 1992 Constitution.

The seven-member panel, led by Chief Justice Gertrude Sackey Torkornoo, ruled that while CRI had a valid case, their lawyers failed to properly invoke the original jurisdiction of the Supreme Court. Despite acknowledging the importance of the case, the court found procedural shortcomings in its presentation.

Speaking to journalists at the Supreme Court premises, Mr Bright Appiah, representing CRI, stated that they would carefully review the court's decision and consider any further action deemed necessary.

The suit was initiated by CRI to address the security threats posed by child streetism in the country. Among the reliefs sought, CRI aimed to establish that the government's failure to ensure protection against physical and moral hazards for children violated various articles of the 1992 Constitution.

Additionally, CRI sought an order directing the government to define penalties for child exploitation, particularly economic exploitation. They also requested directives for the establishment of rules and procedures to provide free basic medical services to impoverished children and those living on the streets.

While the dismissal represents a setback for CRI's efforts to advocate for the rights of street children through legal means, it underscores the ongoing challenges in addressing child welfare issues within the legal framework.

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