Ejisu By-election: Kwesi Nyantekyi holding NPP to ransom over $100,000 bribe and Kwame Djan’s Supreme Court ambitions

It is true that Nyantekyi gave money to lawyer Kwame Djan, who is a close legal friend of Nana Addo. Djan, originally from Akyem Aboakwa and a distant family member of Nana Addo and the Okyehene, is also a lecturer at the and recently represented Dampare at a public inquiry. Ralph Agyapong works at Djan and Associates, which belongs to Djan, making Kwame Djan also 's lawyer.

It is ridiculous to suggest that I would want to accept bribe money from Kennedy's lawyer, as Nyantekyi claims that lawyer Djan took the money to bring it to me.

Inside sources indicate that Lawyer Djan is currently begging Nyantekyi to remain silent about the $100,000. All along, Djan had lied to Nyantekyi that he was my lawyer when, in fact, I had no association with him.

The reason Djan is pleading with Nyantekyi is that Nana Addo has appointed him as a Justice in waiting, set to replace Mariama Owusu, who is retiring. If the $100,000 issue is reported to the General Legal Council, it would jeopardize his ambition for the Supreme Court. Hence, he is imploring Nyantekyi not to speak about the matter again. His appointment to the Supreme Court would be compromised if this is exposed. He would go to great lengths to prevent further investigation since Nyantekyi has evidence of receipts for the money.

Nyantekyi paid Djan, who, upon realizing the trouble it would cause him, paid back the money to Nyantekyi in installments. Nyantekyi possesses evidence and is threatening to refer the matter to the GLC, as he is also a lawyer.

Normally, Lawyer Djan would have swiftly cleared his name with the GLC, but he cannot. Nyantekyi's associates say they do not care about the consequences; the promises made by the government to fight Anas have not been fulfilled. Nyantekyi had requested to run unopposed in , but the NPP has refused, leading to his frustration and subsequent mentioning of names. Deliberate confusion.

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