Saboba and Chereponi cut off as culvert collapses

Saboba and Chereponi cut off as culvert collapses
Big gully created on section of the Yendi-Chereponi stretch

A culvert aiding commuters to cross the Wapuli- road in the has collapsed cutting the people of Saboba and Chereponi off from the rest of the region.

The already deteriorated road collapsed a few minutes after some commuters plied the road.

Currently, commuters from Yendi are unable to move to Saboba and Chereponi and vice versa.

Referred patients from the E.P Hospital in Wapuli would have to use a bush path through Bonbong near Gushegu to Yendi.

A resident, Jacob Nakoja said the damage is a huge challenge for examiners in the ongoing Senior School Certificate Examination () who keep the exam papers at Yendi.

“As we speak, it's a big hell for the Wapuli people who are writing the WAEC exams. They have to carry the papers through the bush road which is not safe,” he said.

Mr Nakoja said their fear is for the sick and pregnant women who would have to travel several kilometres on a lonely bush path to be able to reach Yendi.

“Any referral from the Wapuli hospital would have to travel through the bush path which is highly risky,” he said.

Mr Nakoja appealed to government to come to their aid saying “since it happened yesterday till now, people are stranded and we need help.”

There have been heavy rains in the area for the past three weeks rendering most roads in the area unpassable.

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