Penplusbytes urges government to involve citizens in implementation of policies

Penplusbytes urges government to involve citizens in implementation of policies
Mr Jerry Sam, Executive Director of Penplusbytes

The government has received a call to create platforms that enable citizens to access information and actively participate in policy implementation, promoting transparency and accountability in the country.

Mr Jerry Sam, Executive Director of Penplusbytes, emphasized the importance of empowering citizens to demand improved public service delivery within the framework of political and social accountability.

Mr Sam made this appeal during an inclusive social accountability forum held in , organized by Penplusbytes in collaboration with Songtaba and SEND GHANA.

The forum was part of the “HERE and NOW” project, which aims to leverage the Right to Information and enhance citizens' access to inclusive and quality public health and education.

Highlighting the research conducted by Penplusbytes, Mr Sam pointed out the low level of citizen participation in policy implementation and inadequate budgetary allocation for social protection programs.

The research also revealed a high incidence of , negatively impacting the quality of health and education services.

In light of these findings, Mr Sam appealed to the government to increase the cash grants under the () program to align with the current .

He emphasized the need for the government to prioritize citizens' urgent demands, ensuring that state and corporate actors are held accountable and that economic development benefits the poor.

Alhaji Abdul Razak Saani, former Northern Regional Director of the , stressed that transparency and accountability should be instrumental in combating corruption and fostering ethical behaviour within institutions and workplaces.

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