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Parliamentary caucuses cannot appoint leaders without party’s input – Speaker Bagbin  

February 22, 2024
Speaker Bagbin
Speaker Bagbin

The Speaker of , Mr , has emphasized that the in Parliament does not possess the sole authority to appoint leaders independently. According to him, the political party overseeing the process plays a crucial role in guiding and influencing the selection of leadership within the Majority Caucus.

This clarification follows reports suggesting that the ruling party is considering changes to the leadership of its Majority Caucus in Parliament. Mr Alhassan Suhuyini, Member of Parliament for North, sought Speaker Bagbin's interpretation of the new standing orders concerning the selection of caucus leaders during parliamentary proceedings.

Speaker Bagbin explained that there is no confusion in the new definition of leaders in the standing orders. He noted the shift from the old order, which referred to a party or parties, to the new one that specifies caucuses without explicitly mentioning a party.

“The old order defines the majority leader to mean a member of parliament designated by the party or parties holding the majority of the seats as their recognized leader in the house. Now this new order says designate means appoints,” he highlighted.

He further emphasized that the term “majority caucus” encompasses members of the party or parties with the largest number of seats, indicating that the caucus is essentially the parliamentary wing of the party.

Speaker Bagbin urged Members of Parliament who disagree with his interpretation to seek legal recourse by challenging his ruling in the courts. He asserted, “It's a matter that I will come out with a written reason for this House, but in the meantime, this is the position of the speaker. And I do so under the same standing orders, where there's a doubt, it's the speaker's opinion that prevails.”

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