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Operation Clean Your Frontage: TMA to re-enforce sanitation bye-laws

October 22, 2021
Operation Clean Your Frontage: TMA to re-enforce sanitation bye-laws
Operation Clean Your Frontage by TMA

The Metropolitan Assembly (TMA) is to enforce sanitation bye-laws to improve sanitation practices as part of the general initiative of ‘Operation Clean Your Frontage.'

The Operation Clean Your Frontage bye-laws 2021 is also to deter people from littering the environment. The law covered residential, private, public and commercial buildings.

Mr Yohane Amarh Ashitey, TMA Metropolitan Chief Executive, told the press on the sidelines of operation clean your frontage campaign that under the bye-laws a person, who undertook any commercial, industrial or business must ensure that the premises and frontage of that business were clean.

Any owner or occupier of a residential building shall also ensure that the frontage, including drains up to the middle of the road, was clean, he explained.

He said business owners must ensure that the frontage was greened, concreted and cemented or tiled to the satisfaction of the District Assembly.

“A person who contravened this law commits an offence and was liable on summary of a fine or face a term of three to 12 months' imprisonment, depending on the nature of nuisance,” he said.

Mr Ashitey said the Assembly was ready to implement the law and ensure that the residents obeyed the bye-laws to “ensure that the Greater Region becomes the cleanest city in Africa.”

“This operation is going to continue till Tema becomes the cleanest city and we will sustain it with greenery and more lightening to change the whole architecture of the Metropolis”.

He said the Assembly would regularly visit the various communities, including homes and business centres, to ascertain the level of sanitation compliance and punish those surrounded by filth.

He warned individuals against giving bribes to officials to cover up wrongs they had done, adding that a call centre had been established to address the challenges of the initiative.

Mr Ashitey said the Tema Metropolitan Assembly would unrelentingly ensure that the Operation Clean Your Frontage programme was sustained.

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