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NSS promises to pay 2023/2024 personnel by end of next week

February 8, 2024
Ambrose Entsiwah Jnr, the Acting Head of Corporate Affairs of the NSS
Ambrose Entsiwah Jnr, the Acting Head of Corporate Affairs of the NSS

The National Service Scheme () has reassured all 2023/2024 service personnel that their allowances will be disbursed by the end of next week. This confirmation follows an earlier commitment by the NSS Secretariat to settle the arrears owed to the service personnel by the first week of February.

Ambrose Entsiwah Jnr, the Acting Head of Corporate Affairs of the NSS, explained that despite encountering administrative processes, the NSS is diligently working to expedite the release of funds.

“We have gone through a lot of processes which we have submitted to the Controller and Accountant General Department to get the monies released to us so we can pay the service personnel,” said Mr Entsiwah Jnr.

He added, “Once these things are done, we will pay them for sure, but I am not too sure we will pay them this week. But I can say that by next week we will pay them.”

Additionally, Mr Entsiwah informed service personnel that the monthly evaluation form, a crucial part of the National Service processes, will be accessible by Monday, February 12, 2024. This step ensures the legitimacy of individuals participating in the National Service.

“It is one of the processes that we go through to ensure that we get the right people who are eligible to do National Service. So, around the 15th of every month, we release the evaluation forms. We have not released it because we are not done with the cross-checking to be sure that we have genuine people who are doing the national service. But latest by Monday it will be released so that they can access their portals, get registered, and get them endorsed so that hopefully by the close of next week we will be able to pay them,” he elaborated.

Acknowledging the concerns raised by service personnel on regarding the delay, Mr Entsiwah Jnr pleaded for patience, assuring them that the Secretariat is making concerted efforts to address the issue.

“I am pleading with them because their monies have been delayed. I have monitored the social media and have seen all their concerns. They need their money. So sometimes no amount of explanation will solve it, but we have worked very hard so far, and I can say that latest by next week we will be able to pay them their allowance,” he concluded.

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