Narcotics Control Board director attempts forceful custody of children

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Narcotics Control Board director attempts forceful custody of children
The Wife Injured Hands

In a shocking incident reminiscent of an action movie, the Director of the Narcotics Control Board, Kenneth Adu Amanfo, drew a large crowd in when he led four armed men to attack his wife in a bid to forcibly take custody of their children.

The chaotic scene unfolded at Kwadaso Estate, where Mr Amanfo intercepted his wife's car with a black Landcruiser, accompanied by armed men wearing desert security camouflage uniforms and face masks.

The armed men ordered Mrs Adu Amanfo out of her car and forcefully pushed her to the ground.

Visibly distraught, Mrs Adu Amanfo recounted the harrowing experience, stating that she initially did not recognize the armed men until her husband stepped out.

The armed men, wielding pistols and a rifle, ordered her and the children out of the car, attempting to take custody of the kids.

The ensuing commotion attracted a large crowd, prompting intervention from a concerned resident, Kwame Fosu Appiah. He expressed disapproval of Mr. Amanfo's actions, highlighting the impact on the children.

“What he did to the children was bad. The children were shocked. They pushed one of the children, and she fell, and her Bible fell to the ground.”

Amid the chaos, Mr. Appiah engaged with Mr. Amanfo, questioning the morality of his actions.

The incident concluded with Mr Amanfo ordering his associates to leave, seizing Mrs Amanfo's phone in the process. Unfortunately, she sustained a cut to her palm during the altercation.

The Director of the Narcotics Control Board and his wife have been separated for a decade, with recent attempts by Mr Amanfo to gain custody of their children.

Mrs Amanfo has filed a formal complaint with the Central Police in , and an investigation is underway.

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