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BREAKING NEWS: Ghanaian musician Kuame Eugene involved in car accident

Ghanaian musician was involved in a car late Sunday night near the CP junction close to , after the Achimota Overhead towards the Dzorwulu traffic light. The incident occurred around 11:30 pm.

According to reports, Kuame Eugene's Range Rover collided with a tipper truck behind him. ModernGhana editor Ajarfor, who was driving behind the scene, rushed to their rescue upon witnessing the accident.

Ajarfor quickly arranged for transportation to convey Kuame Eugene and one other male passenger to the Medical Center (UGMC) for medical attention. Kuame Eugene was reportedly the driver of the vehicle at the time of the accident.

In addition to assisting the injured parties, Ajarfor promptly notified the Achimota Police, ensuring that authorities were alerted to the scene of the accident.

Providing details of the incident, Ajarfor stated, “I was behind them so I stopped and rushed to rescue them, that was when I realized it was Kuame Eugene. He had a broken wrist and a deep cut on his right hand.”

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