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Mfantseman Chiefs call for factories in exchange for Ewoyaa Lithium mining

February 15, 2024
Mfantseman Chiefs call for factories in exchange for Ewoyaa Lithium mining

The chiefs of Mfantseman have emphasized the need for the construction of factories as part of the Ewoyaa Lithium mining project to create employment opportunities for the youth and improve living standards in the area.

Osagyefo Amanfo Edu VI, Omanhen of the Mankessim Traditional Area, advocated for the establishment of factories to ensure that the communities within the mining catchment area benefit economically from the project. He stressed that while the environmental impacts of mining are significant, there should be corresponding compensation in the form of job creation to uplift the affected communities.

Speaking at a meeting organized by the (EPA) to facilitate engagement between Atlantic Lithium and the local communities, Osagyefo Edu highlighted the potential of lithium to transform the fortunes of the Traditional Area. He underscored the chiefs' commitment to ensuring that the mining project brings about positive for the region.

Acknowledging the negative impacts associated with mining, Osagyefo Edu urged all stakeholders to prioritize maximizing the positive impacts while mitigating the negatives. He urged the mining company to prioritize infrastructure development in its corporate social responsibility efforts and cautioned against deceptive practices witnessed in other mining jurisdictions.

Mr. Ransford Sekyi, the Deputy Director of Operations at the EPA, emphasized the importance of collective efforts in safeguarding the environment. He urged the communities to remain vigilant and ensure the mining company adheres to environmental regulations for their safety.

Highlighting lithium as a valuable natural resource, Mr. Sekyi urged communities to seize the opportunities presented by the project for national development. He assured that the government, through the EPA, would enforce environmental protocols before granting operational permits.

The meeting, attended by traditional leaders, government officials, security agencies, the media, and community members, involved discussions on various aspects of the project, including compensation, resettlement, and mitigating the negative impacts of mining activities. Disagreements were addressed, with the company committing to addressing concerns raised by the communities.

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