Mepe Development Association urges swift relief efforts following VRA dam spillage

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Mepe Development Association urges swift relief efforts following VRA dam spillage

The Mepe Development Association (MDA) has issued a plea to the government and its relevant agencies to expedite relief efforts to alleviate the suffering of individuals impacted by the 's (VRA) dam spillage.

The VRA initiated the spillage of excess water from the and Kpong Dams due to the Volta River overflowing downstream, leading to severe flooding in several communities along the riverbanks in the North, Central, and Districts of the .

The statement, conveyed by Mr. Kojo Mawulenu Fabian, Chairman of MDA, noted that this flooding has severely affected people's livelihoods, drawing similarities to the devastating effects experienced after the construction of the Dam in 1965.

Many homes have been submerged, causing extensive property damage and rendering numerous individuals homeless. Mepe, in particular, has been significantly impacted.

The flooding has created a looming health crisis as toilet facilities and refuse dumps have been inundated. Moreover, the river has been heavily contaminated, leaving those who rely on its water for cooking, drinking, and other domestic purposes stranded. The situation has led to widespread power outages, leaving residents in dire straits.

The MDA's statement appealed for urgent assistance, including food supplies, sachets and bottles of drinking water, temporary accommodation facilities, medical interventions, and clothing, to prevent the situation from worsening.

The downstream communities have endured various ecological, economic, health, and social crises since the construction of the Akosombo and Kpong Dams, and the MDA believes this is too high a price for the community's contribution to national power generation.

The Association has called for immediate humanitarian intervention and, in the medium to long term, the involvement of state agencies to find people-centered solutions to the enduring challenges faced by these communities.

Despite the challenging circumstances, the MDA commended the youth and volunteers for their communal spirit and support in saving lives and safeguarding properties.

The statement concluded with a message of resilience: “Let us continue to be each other's keeper and keep faith alive. We shall overcome.”

  • Reporting by Stanley Senya : Editing by Adewale Adejoke

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