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Mahama promises to upgrade Ashaiman to metropolitan status

March 13, 2024
John Mahama

Former President , the flag bearer of the National Democratic Congress (), has pledged to elevate from its current municipality status to a metropolitan status in a bid to enhance the provision of social amenities in the area.

Mahama highlighted the significance of this upgrade, emphasizing its potential to bring about a transformative change in Ashaiman's development trajectory. He stressed that the transition to metropolitan status would unlock a myriad of benefits for the city and its residents, given its substantial population size.

The former president underscored that the upgrade would not only facilitate the implementation of crucial developmental projects like community day schools and hospitals but would also strengthen the city's infrastructure and service delivery capabilities.

In addition to the metropolitan upgrade, Mahama outlined his proposal for a national apprenticeship program aimed at bolstering vocational training across Ghana. He explained that this initiative would extend support to apprentices through Municipal and District Assemblies, covering expenses such as transportation fares and feeding. The program is designed to empower young individuals, particularly school dropouts, by equipping them with valuable skills essential for the job market.

Mahama emphasized that this strategic move reflects his commitment to addressing unemployment challenges and fostering skill development among the youth, thereby enhancing their employability and economic prospects.

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