Let’s practice what we preach – Dr Lawrence Tetteh

Dr Lawrence Tetteh, an evangelist, has called on both religious and worldly leaders to practice what they preach.

Speaking at the fourth quarterly conference and awards of the National Clergy Association of Ghana (NACAG) in , the Founder and President of Worldwide Miracle Outreach, said those who seek to lead should attach value to leadership.

He called on all Ghanaian political leaders to remember that they have a Christian and Muslim heritage which tells how important religious values were needed in governing the country.

He said, “religious values give us the knowledge and understanding to be able to take certain decisions outside the political context.”

He said, “Christian values should be deemed important and should not just be preached, but ensure we inculcate them in our children to pass it from generations-to-generations.”

He noted that churches in Ghana seemed to be losing value and respect. “We have a collective responsibility to respect and honour the clergy.”

“The moral standard in our country seems to become low, it's because we're leaving our responsibilities in the hands of politicians.”

He asked that “The values of religious schools should not be thrown away so that we can have children brought up with religious education in order to build Ghana.”

“Any Nation without a very strong religious leadership and academic leadership has no future,” he said.

Reverend Dr Bishop Charles Abban, Executive Director of NACAG, in his remarks, said the award was to encourage other clergymen to do more in their ministering duties.

He said the award looked at leadership skills, commitment, and the contribution of each clergy member towards his or her mission.

Mr Abban said this was the inaugural award from the Association and assured all that the award scheme would be expanded next year.

The award for Best Peace Command Award was given to Dr George Akuffo Dampare, Inspector General of Police, while the Religious Personality of the Year Award was given to Dr Lawrence Tetteh.

However, Dr Lawrence Tetteh gave his award to Mr Abban, saying he rather deserved it for his selflessness and dedication to the gospel.

“Dr Abban always wants to honour others, but he does not want to be recognised, and it is necessary for us to also honour him,” he added.

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