‘Let us work to support the Ga Presbytery’

Mrs Sandra Opoku, Presbyter of the Redemption Congregation of the of Ghana (PCG) has called on congregants of the Ga Presbytery to work to support its work.

Mrs Opoku made this during a Presbytery Sunday' which was also used as part of the activities to celebrate 100 years of Ga Presbytery.

The sermon was on the topic: “Jesus Christ, The Light of the World”.

She said as the Presbytery was celebrating 100 years, there was a need for members and the various congregations to build on the gains of the early missionaries and Christians that worked to expand .

She said congregants must be merciful and take up evangelism work starting from their homes and friends and spread the word of God to others in the community.

She said the lives of Christians must affect others positively as that was the greatest testimony that could attract others to the Christian Religion.

She appealed to the North District of the Presbytery to have a ministry specialized in evangelising to commercial sex workers whose activities abound in the area, adding that just as the Ga Presbytery had a ministry to cater to them, the district must also do their part.

Mrs Opoku said it was worrying that some Christians had become selfish and not willing to sacrifice to save others, and therefore urged all to emulate the work of the missionaries who willingly left the comfort of their countries, sacrificed and saved many people to Christ.

She said they did not only preach the gospel, but worked on farms and traded to support the ministry, and Christians must engage in economic activities to make the work of God strong.

“Some think it's their right to just come to sit in church always and pray without working, even Paul said hard work pays, so let's work to support the ministry,” she noted.

She also urged Christians to learn and teach their children their local language as even the missionaries who were foreigners learned the Ga language and translated the bible into it as the first local language bible in Ghana in 1866 to help establish the church.

Taking the church through the history of the PCG and the presbytery, she said in 1922, the then Ga-Adangme presbytery was among the first five presbyteries of the PCG to be created by the synod.

She added that by a synod resolution in 1971, the Ga-Adagme presbytery was divided into two to facilitate evangelism and ensure more efficient administration, it was subsequently inaugurated in 1972 having nine districts that have currently grown into 27 and one mission.

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