I’m not against traditions, customs – Archbishop Agyinasare

Archbishop , the leader of Perez Chapel International in Dzorwulu, has expressed his belief in traditional authority, traditions, and customs as long as they align with the teachings of the Bible.

During a Sunday Service at Perez Chapel International, the Archbishop emphasized his practice of paying respects to chiefs and elders before conducting crusades in different locations. He highlighted the importance of embracing local customs and traditions.

In March 2023, during Ghana Month, the Archbishop and his congregation commemorated the event by wearing traditional attire from the 16 regions of the country, showcasing their appreciation for Ghanaian culture.

Preaching on the topic “Who Ruled the Cosmic World II – God versus Idols,” the Archbishop stressed that God's commandments demand exclusive devotion to Him and prohibit the worship of any other gods.

He urged Christians to dedicate themselves solely to the service of God and avoid engaging in idolatry, which he believed offered no benefits.

The Archbishop noted the positive contributions of Christianity to Ghana, including the establishment of schools, hospitals, and orphanages. He also emphasized that had improved the lives of individuals.

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