‘Let us go for COVID-19 booster to protect ourselves’ – Health Director  

Mr Daniel Konka, the West Municipal Director of Health Services has advised people who have taken the double dose of the vaccine to go for the booster dose to protect themselves in the festive season and beyond.

He said it was possible for those who had already been vaccinated to be still infected by the COVID-19 virus it they disregarded the health and safety protocols.

“But hope is that such people will not die, but possibly be hospitalized because the vaccine will suppress the viral load, hence we must all go for the booster dose to finish our course,” he stated.

Mr. Konka gave the advice when Transformation 108 Foundation, an international non-governmental organization presented medical devices and equipment to the Dumasua Health Centre in the Sunyani West Municipality.

The items included delivery beds, a vaccine storage refrigerator, a chest table, several mackintosh aprons and elbow utility gloves, Davon solutions, wound dressing kits, adult weighing and toddler scales, BP apparatus, chairs, and desktop and laptop computers.

The Foundation which advocates the general well-being of the needy in society and promotes  also renovated the Out-Patient Department (OPD) unit and maternity ward of the Centre and provided the facility with washrooms and potable drinking water.

Mr. Konka regretted that despite the continuous public education on COVID-19, many people in the Municipality had still not gone for the vaccination, and advised those yet to take the vaccine to do so for their own safety.

He said COVID-19 had killed many people in the Municipality since 2020 and asked the public to disregard unfounded theories and myths surrounding the vaccine and make themselves available to be vaccinated.

“We still have enough vaccines available, and we plead with those who have not been vaccinated to do so to protect themselves and people around them and also help the spread of the virus in the yuletide,” Mr. Konka stated.

He thanked the for the items and appealed for more support to help expand the facility to help meet the health needs of the people due to the rapid population growth in the area. Mr Jnana Chakus Das, the President of the Foundation and an indigene of the town, advised the Management of the facility to take care of and ensure that the items were used for the intended purposes.

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