Ghana Bar Association driven by proximity to power

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I am a paid up member of the Lawyers Association. But not the .

I am also a member of the American Bar Association, but not the .

It matters to me that the American Bar Association, has a rule of law initiative that supports human rights work not only in America but also many other countries including Ghana.

It matters to me that the Lawyers Association has issued a statement condemning 's proposed repeal of the Female Genital Mutilation law.

Any organization you join and are proud to associate with must have values. Consistent values!

The Ghana Bar Association is driven by a club of privileged and elite men, who will do anything to protect that privilege to the detriment of the wider society. They take no moral positions and they are mute in the face of the most obscene oppression

They are driven by nothing but proximity to power and deal cutting behaviors. They have written themselves into the fabric of moral decay in this country.

What is even strange is that they even do so little for their lawyer members; those who pay them millions in dues. When a lawyer was brutalized by the police in the course of his work, during occupy Julorbi house, they chose to protect power over their member.

Why would lawyer join or feel compelled to join an organization like this?

Because of Bar Conferece, once a year? Oh !

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