First Sky Group to fund world-class kidney transplant centre in Ghana

The Executive Chairman of the First Sky Group, Eric Seddy Kutortse, has reaffirmed the company's commitment to fully funding the establishment of a world-class kidney transplant centre in Ghana.

The centre aims to address the challenges associated with kidney dysfunction treatment in the country. Mr. Kutortse announced that a joint working committee comprising staff from and First Sky Group is working towards the realization of the project and is currently in the process of submitting a budget for approval.

The centre's establishment and training program for local professionals is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

The announcement came during a media briefing session where the successful kidney transplant procedures for two patients were revealed. The surgeries, performed by a team of Ghanaian health experts at Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, were fully funded by First Sky Group.

Mr. Kutortse emphasized that establishing a modern Kidney Transplant Centre in Ghana, the first of its kind in , will provide affordable quality kidney dysfunction care and save the economy millions in foreign currency spent on medical attention abroad.

In the past, First Sky Group has already supported the Renal Dialysis Unit at Korle Bu Teaching Hospital by paying off medical bills for patients and offering free dialysis to those unable to afford treatment.

The company remains committed to funding continuous free care and treatment for patients at the Renal Dialysis Unit and offering free kidney transplants to eligible individuals.

To ensure best practices and standards are followed, the hospital has an ethics committee in place, consisting of surgeons, lawyers, and other professionals.

This committee certifies that all necessary compliance protocols are strictly adhered to as a quality assurance mechanism for kidney transplantation procedures, which are fully managed and performed by local experts.

Lead transplant experts at the media briefing shared insights and updates on developments in kidney transplantation procedures and progress notes on the patients who have undergone successful surgeries.

The hospital is planning to conduct another batch of kidney transplant operations in August 2023, involving three patients.

In recognition of First Sky Group's partnership with the Renal Dialysis Unit, the Ghana Kidney Association awarded Mr. Kutortse a plaque and citation in 2022, expressing gratitude for his immense contribution to kidney disease care in Ghana.

Earlier in 2022, Mr. Kutortse appealed to the government to consider including at least two sessions of dialysis treatment as part of the medical services covered by the .

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