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ECG advises customers affected by Akosombo dam spillage to check wiring for power restoration

February 6, 2024
ECG advises customers affected by Akosombo dam spillage to check wiring for power restoration
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The Regional Office of the (ECG) has issued advice to customers within communities affected by the spillage, urging them to inspect the wiring of their premises to facilitate the restoration of power supply.

Ms. Sakyiwaa Mensah, the Tema Regional ECG Public Relations Officer, informed the (GNA) that customers in affected areas should ensure their premises are checked and certified by Certified Electrical Wiring Personnel (CEWP) and inspectors accredited by the Energy Commission of Ghana.

The spillage, occurring between September and October 2023, prompted the ECG to suspend power supply to the affected areas for safety reasons. While power supply has been gradually restored as the situation improved, some customers are still without electricity due to internal wiring issues caused by damage to their premises.

Ms. Mensah emphasized the importance of having CEWP and Energy Commission-accredited inspectors assess these premises to provide reports on the extent of damage, which will inform the restoration of power supply.

Addressing concerns about electricity bills, Ms. Mensah explained that despite the flooding, electricity bills continue to be generated on a cyclical basis. Therefore, bills received by customers may still cover the period of the floods. However, affected customers are advised to focus on paying bills for electricity consumed before and after the flooding period.

She clarified that if a customer had outstanding bills prior to the flooding, these bills are legitimate and must be settled. The ECG is working with community leaders and assembly members to compile a list of all customers whose homes were affected by flooding, including those who lost their premises entirely.

The collaboration between the ECG and accredited inspectors, along with efforts to address billing concerns and compile lists of affected customers, demonstrates a commitment to restoring power supply and addressing the challenges faced by communities affected by the dam spillage.

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