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e-Crime Bureau reiterates commitments to providing leadership in cybersecurity

e-Crime Bureau says it is committed to providing leadership in cybersecurity and data protection support to professionals across various industries in the area of capacity building to address emerging security challenges in cybersecurity and data protection.

Mr Philip Debrah Danquah, the Acting Principal Consultant of e-Crime Bureau, said the bureau's cybersecurity services were designed to proactively address evolving cybersecurity needs and challenges facing organizations.

He reiterated that e-Crime Bureau's mission was to provide cutting-edge solutions to address both existing and emerging cybersecurity, investigations and related challenges through a customer-focused approach to deliver measurable results to our clients and stakeholders.

Speaking at a three-day short course in Data Protection and Cyber Security at the Laweh University College in , Mr Danquah said the reliance of people and businesses on the internet for social, educational, economic, political and religious activities had increased the risks of cyber-attacks and data breaches.

He noted that business information, as well as the systems that govern data, had become the most valuable assets to every organisation and a breach could result in serious financial, operational and reputational issues.

The workshop, organised by the Laweh University College, is being attended by 42 participants from , corporate entities and state organisations.

It seeks to build the capacity of participants in cybersecurity management and how to combat the hacking of data.

Mr Danquah said the World Economic Forum's global cybersecurity outlook report indicated that cyberattacks increased 125 per cent globally in 2021, with evidence suggesting an upward rise in 2022.

He said Ghana had made significant strides in its growth in cybersecurity and data protection through the establishment of the Data Protection Commission and the .

“This remarkable growth is evident in the country's cybersecurity development ranked third in Africa by Global Cybersecurity Index (GCI) of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU)” in 2021,” he stated.

Mr Danquah said reports and industry analyses had shown that despite the gains made, cyber-attacks, fraud, phishing, data breaches and sophisticated hacks have resulted in the demand for skills required to detect, respond and prevent these breaches to improve upon the business posture of institutions.

He said e-Crime Bureau and Laweh University College had recognised the capacity of the two institutions to design relevant courses to address challenges within Information Technology (IT) environments.

He said the Bureau as an industry player had over the years provided a solid foundation for IT and non-IT professionals, associations, professional groups, and industry players in both theoretical and practical aspects of cyber security, digital forensics, financial crimes and anti-money laundering.

Professor Goski Alabi, the Consulting President, Laweh University College, urged universities to invest in cybersecurity to protect their IT systems from cyber-attacks.

She said institutions of higher learning faced a constant surge of cyberattacks, hence the need to put in place a robust system to combat such threats.

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