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Dumsor traumatising Ghanaians, collapsing businesses, causing untold agony — Okudzeto Ablakwa writes

Dumsor is traumatizing millions, collapsing businesses, destroying electrical equipment and causing untold agony.

It is time President holds a direct engagement with the Ghanaian people through a press conference and a people's assembly which would enable him come to terms with the current reality instead of listening to his deceptive, inept and arrogant appointees who insult us by asking that we prepare our own DUMSOR timetable.

President Akufo-Addo is arguably the only president in the world who has not held an open media engagement to take unfiltered questions from journalists in over 4 years.

I am really surprised the Ghanaian media has accepted this unhealthy development as a new normal.

No Ghanaian president has been allowed to get away with what Akufo-Addo is getting away with — absolutely despicable!

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