Chief advocates for upgrading Adidome Farm Institute to veterinary college

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Chief advocates for upgrading Adidome Farm Institute to veterinary college
Mr. Alexander Hotordze Roosevelt

Togbe Kwasinyi Kakakloko Agyemang V, Dufia of Adidome, has urged the government to consider upgrading the Adidome Farm Institute to a full-fledged veterinary college. Recognized for his dedication to agricultural progress, Togbe Agyemang believes that such an upgrade would bring significant benefits to the local community and contribute to the broader agricultural landscape of the .

During a ceremony honouring Miss Charlotte Yawa Sodzedo, a final-year student who won the prestigious Agromonti ultimate prize in Ghana, Togbe Agyemang emphasized the growing demand for skilled professionals in the agricultural and veterinary sectors. He stated that transforming the Adidome Farm Institute into a veterinary college would not only meet the educational needs of aspiring veterinarians but also contribute to the economic development of the region.

Mr. Alexander Hotordze Roosevelt, the Member of (MP) for Constituency, expressed support for Togbe Agyemang's proposal. He highlighted the potential positive impact on local agriculture, animal health, and the empowerment of students passionate about veterinary sciences. Mr. Hotordze pledged to take measures to bring the proposal to the government's attention, emphasizing its potential to reshape the educational landscape in Adidome and elevate its status in the agricultural domain.

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