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Atlantic Lithium commits to responsible mining and community engagement

February 16, 2024
Atlantic Lithium commits to responsible mining and community engagement

Atlantic Lithium, an exploration development company, has expressed its acknowledgment of the crucial role played by local communities and leadership in Ghana's first lithium-producing mine. The company has affirmed its readiness to engage in open discussions and cooperation to address mutual concerns in the interest of responsible mining and the preservation of environmental and socio-economic well-being.

Mr. Aaron Monver, Head of Operations at Atlantic Lithium, emphasized the company's commitment to welcoming public input in its operations, recognizing the significance of local communities and stakeholders in the Ewoyaa Lithium Project, aimed at establishing Ghana's first lithium-producing mine. He highlighted the importance of ongoing dialogue and engagement with stakeholders, underscoring the company's dedication to transparency and inclusivity.

The company participated in an open forum organized by the (EPA) to facilitate discussions between the company and affected communities. The forum aimed to gather public opinions, address concerns and propose practical solutions for the benefit of all parties involved.

Regarding the Ewoyaa Lithium Project, Mr. Monver outlined the transition from the exploration phase to the development phase, which involves construction, permit applications, and environmental impact assessments. He emphasized the company's commitment to sustainable and responsible mining practices, prioritizing environmentally friendly technologies and constant monitoring of environmental standards.

Mr. Monver highlighted the implementation of guidelines, procedures, and measures to mitigate negative impacts on the environment, socio-economic aspects, and human rights. He stressed the alignment of environmental and social performance standards with international and national regulations, considering cultural practices and values.

Furthermore, the company has engaged in ongoing consultation with stakeholders, including national regulators, traditional authorities, and local communities, to address concerns and prioritize community development. Mr. Monver reiterated the company's commitment to within the project's catchment area, focusing on local employment, contractor engagement, and service provision.

Atlantic Lithium plans to establish a community development fund in line with international best practices, aiming to support environmental and socio-economic initiatives in local communities. The fund will be co-managed by community members and stakeholders, ensuring responsiveness to community needs and aspirations.

Mr Monver urged local stakeholders to collaborate with the company to ensure the effective implementation of the community development fund and the achievement of shared goals. He encouraged communities to position themselves to benefit from opportunities created by the company's operations and pledged continued support for community empowerment and development initiatives.

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